My KishimotoDi Experience (Part 3–Keikogi and Kamae)

Me in KishimotoDi Uniform

Before he left Phoenix, Ulf Karlsson Sensei gifted me a keikogi (training uniform) for KishimotoDi. This uniform consists of a kendo uwagi (jacket) embroidered with the kanji for KishimotoDi, and a black, Okinawan-style, narrow-legged hakama called a no-bakama (field hakama). The older style no-bakama do not have a reinforced back plate, but this modern reproduction does, and is meant to be worn with a belt. Since I have no rank in KishimotoDi, I decided I should wear a white belt when I train with the uniform on.

Uwagi with “KishimotoDi” embroidered on the left side of the chest

In addition to the other techniques and methods I have mentioned in my previous posts, I wanted to mention the three primary kamae (postures) of KishimotoDi. They are really basics that I could have covered earlier, but I needed to take photos of them. Below are my (rather poor) depictions of them:

Tekko-Gamae (Iron Turtle Posture)
Sagurite-Gamae (Searching Hands Posture)
Hotate-Gamae (Standing Sail Posture)

These three postures are key to the applications of KishimotoDi kata, and can be found in Naihanchi, Passai, and Kusanku, respectively.

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I began training in karate (Shuri-Ryu) in the Summer of 2006. Subsequently, I started training in judo, kobudo, and iaijutsu within the next 6 months. During my training there, I earned the rank of Sankyu (3rd Degree Brown Belt) in Shuri-Ryu, Gokyu (Green Belt) in judo, a certification in the use of the bo, and passed proficiency tests for the four tachigata of Shinkage-Ryu iaijutsu. I moved to Arizona in the Summer of 2008, and continued training and researching karate at home. I continued regular training in judo at a local club until 2010, when I was able to start training in Shorin-Ryu with Sensei Richard Poage. I have been training with him ever since, and currently hold the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Shorin-Ryu under him. In addition, I began studying KishimotoDi under Sensei Ulf Karlsson in 2014.