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A Demonstration of Ti by Motobu and Konishi

The image, above, comes from Page 204 of Konishi Yasuhiro’s book, Karate Nyumon. I was inspired to go back and look at this publication by Victor Smith Sensei, who wrote an article on another section of the book. This book, in its original Japanese, along with many others, have been made available for free by Charles Goodin Sensei and the […]



Chudan-Uke as a Strike 2

Chudan-uke, as used in Shotokan sanbon kumite (three-step sparring) All karateka are familiar with some form of chudan-uke, although it has many names, depending on the style. Some call it soto-uke (“outside receiver,” referring to it’s movement to the outside of the body), some call it uchi-uke (“inside receiver,” referring to the part of the arm being used), and some […]

The Evolution of Kata

Itosu Anko, the root of many modern Shorin-Ryu styles Many karate masters of old have commented that the kata should not be changed, and this statement has been handed down to modern-day instructors. Despite that, we can look at pictures from the past and see, quite clearly, that the kata have been changed–even by people who said not to change […]



“Perishable” Skills 1

In reading through a forum on disaster preparedness, I saw a LEO (law enforcement officer) mention “perishable skills,” and it got me thinking. Some skills in life are, more or less, “non-perishable.” You can go years without using them, and then when you need them again, they still work well enough. Things like swimming, or riding a bike, would fall […]

I Wrote a Guest Post

Ryan Parker For those who are unfamiliar, Ryan Parker Sensei is a long-time practitioner and instructor of classical Okinawan martial arts, a kiko (Okinawan “iron body” training) exponent, and a karate researcher. He is also the author of the Ryukyu Martial Arts blog, and the founder of several Facebook study groups focused on various aspects of Okinawan martial arts. His […]



Kosa-Dachi Bunkai

Kosa-Dachi (Cross Stance) Recently, on some of the martial arts study groups I am a part of, the topic of kosa-dachi (cross stance) has been coming up somewhat frequently. This stance is found in many variations, in several kata. The discussions we have been having have mostly focused on the use of kosa-dachi in Naihanchi, and similar discussions have cropped […]