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Ryan Parker

For those who are unfamiliar, Ryan Parker Sensei is a long-time practitioner and instructor of classical Okinawan martial arts, a kiko (Okinawan “iron body” training) exponent, and a karate researcher. He is also the author of the Ryukyu Martial Arts blog, and the founder of several Facebook study groups focused on various aspects of Okinawan martial arts. His willingness to share his knowledge, and his fostering of environments for others to share theirs, has made him very influential in the small (but, hopefully, growing) community of Okinawan stylists seeking knowledge of the old ways that were direct, effective, and not shackled by formality and tradition.

A couple months ago, Ryan Parker Sensei asked me to write a guest post for his blog about techniques that are common in the old ways of Okinawan arts, which are now becoming popular in MMA. He has seen me post frequently on this topic, not only on this blog, but on Facebook, as well, and thought I would be the right person for the job. I don’t know how well I did, but I tried!

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About Noah

I began training in karate (Shuri-Ryu) in the Summer of 2006. Subsequently, I started training in judo, kobudo, and iaijutsu within the next 6 months. During my training there, I earned the rank of Sankyu (3rd Degree Brown Belt) in Shuri-Ryu, Gokyu (Green Belt) in judo, a certification in the use of the bo, and passed proficiency tests for the four tachigata of Shinkage-Ryu iaijutsu. I moved to Arizona in the Summer of 2008, and continued training and researching karate at home. I continued regular training in judo at a local club until 2010, when I was able to start training in Shorin-Ryu with Sensei Richard Poage. I have been training with him ever since, and currently hold the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Shorin-Ryu under him. In addition, I began studying KishimotoDi under Sensei Ulf Karlsson in 2014.