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Stepping on Toes

Recently, there was a UFC event here in Phoenix, which was headlined by a very competitive fight between Junior dos Santos and Stipe Miocic. In one of the earlier fights during that event, a minor thing happened that caused some interesting discussion on some MMA forums. One of the fighters stepped on the foot of his opponent. Normally, this would […]

funakoshi foot trap


The Magic of Hikite 4

A “traditional karate” example of hikite (pulling hand) while punching Sometimes, I forget that the wider karate world hasn’t moved on from formalized, impractical, block-punch-kick kata applications. I was reminded when, just a month or two ago, a relatively new karateka posted on a martial arts forum that I moderate, asking about hikite (pulling hand). He commented that it didn’t […]

Book Review: Dave Lowry’s “Traditions” 1

  Recently, Tuttle Publishing reached out to Patrick, the owner of (where I am a moderator) to have people review some of their martial arts books. The book I chose was “Traditions: Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways,” by prolific martial arts author, Dave Lowry. You can find my review in the Article Subforum. The book […]



Naihanchi Kata Footwork Training Exercises

An enbusen (performance line) diagram for Isshin-Ryu Naihanchi footwork variations When doing kata training, it is not generally accepted to modify any part of the kata, including the footwork. That said, it is not completely unheard of. Oyata Sensei of RyuTe was known to change the footwork of his kata from time to time, to better illustrate the applications. More […]

Stances in Naihanchi 1

When karateka, who practice Shuri-Te lineage karate, realize that other styles utilize a different stance when practicing Naihanchi (aka Naifunchin/Naifuanchi/Tekki/Chulgi/etc.), they often seem to fixate on that difference. Most instructors who teach Naihanchi tend to emphasize the importance of the structure of the stance–some even do shime testing (as seen in the video above) to reinforce the importance of the […]



Turning a Punch into an Elbow Strike

Motobu Choki (left) and Kano Jigoro (right) Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo, once met with Motobu Choki to discuss martial arts. We don’t know a great deal about that conversation, except what Motobu told to his students. According to Motobu, they talked about many things, but “…about karate, he [Kano] asked me what I would do if my punch […]